Good news, at last, dear friends! 

The world is a wreck, but it can be reprogrammed like any other game. We love a good crisis movie, and we are each players in the latest. Like in those films, the tension has built to a fever pitch and we are waiting for the heroes to step in and save the day. This is where we fail, for indeed, we are the heroes in this story. You've spent your whole life being sung to sleep with lullabies of authority and unworthiness but know this, friend. It is you. You are the hero of your own story. this is your journey in which you play your part to save the species from its worst qualities. No one is coming to save the world unless we all are.

It's a hard pill to swallow but it's true, and so  is this one: No one is in charge. In these times the main function of laws is to fill government coffers and private prisons. So long as you do no harm, you are absolutely free to act as your heart calls you. Direct experience and intuition give you the feeling that you've been raised inside an illusion, and by applying the method of science and the essence of magick, you will discover that this is true.

The "real world" you're conditioned to join and cooperate with after childhood's end is but a Verbal Hologram, built of language, engineered to mesmerize and control. Beneath this vale of tears and tragic misunderstanding is the realm of direct experience.  When you replace your allegiance to what's expected of you with a commitment to finding your own truth, that Hologram will pop like any other bubble. We struggle under the weight of forcing ourselves into molds we were never meant to fit. We need not make misery the theme of our lives, suffering that a few may thrive. Today is the day that you are reminded that only you know who you are and what you have the itch and will to make manifest  in this world. So take a break now and meditate on your duty.


and now, a PSA directed at the NSA, CIA, DEA, FDA, USDA, and all who serve the grid of control, fear, and senseless pain which constricts the flow of love in this world. 

The party's over. It's Last Call. Do you smell smoke? That's the first licking flames around the bed in which this world has been dreaming. The tide is turning, and your reign of error will end. The Age of Aquarius is giving way to the Age of Accountability. 

Sunshine kills vampires, and laughter casts out demons. Many are lost in the fog of your trance, but the number of those on whom your spells do not work is growing. We can see you in your shadows, and we are done with your spying, lying, and wolf crying. We are sick and tired of being kept sick and tired. We are too smart to be dumbed down. We no longer dance under the trance of the media, because we are becoming the media. We refuse to be data mined, molested, arrested, played with, poisoned and hunted. You lot that play at pulling strings are cowards, jackals, and parasites. We Who Can See will no longer assist you in the rape of the Earth.

You have the big guns, the big money, the big lies, and the big ears, so listen well. Life is a grand, grand game, which most of us forget since the amnesia we're each born into is part of the play. For too long, a few of you have tried to rig that game against the rest of us from cradle to grave. In a dynamic system such as ours all movement flows from the tension of opposites, and we all play our parts. We love you despite the maddening stupidity of your deeds, but in the end we'll write our own rules as we cast off your yoke. We won't be victims or fuel for your machine. We will answer the call to action, empower ourselves, and prevail against what we rail against.

You can switch teams now, before your bosses cut their losses. Put down the death rays and pick up your children. Plug your wiretap headphones into some wild music, escape the mad rubes and death cubes, and join us on the right side of the story. To those already tuned in and zoomed out, drift no more. You've found safe harbor. Listen, read, and know you are not alone. Let no one steal your joy, least of all yourself! And now, a meditation for our times: