hello in there.

Greetings and salutations, fellow traveler. I don't know you, but I welcome you, and I invite you to peek beyond the curtain of your comfort zone and take the risk that you might just be able to turn your own life around, no matter what condition your condition is in. Think of it as a vacation to another paradigm, to which you can move if you like, in good time. Stroll around the place until you feel at home. There are things to read, music, interviews, and artifacts.

For the weary traveler who prefers to get right to the point, here's the the 10 cent tour of the reality I offer you:

We share a predicament which baffles and drains. It can be navigated more easily once understood. We examine it here, and search for solutions rather than buckling under burdens. The call of The Con is strong, but many of us have managed to trance-end and level up. "Find the others" remains a noble idea. For now We That Can See are strangers, but we are legion, and the more of us who learn to program, the better the play will be for all. Time is of the essence, but I believe in us, and in you. Welcome to the Apocalypse. Don't panic. We'll change this game.

And now, a meditation for our times.